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Company Profile - Word of the Chairman
It is axiomatic that for a global investment company such as Kingdom Holding to be successful, it has to be constantly alert to changing consumer needs, as well as to rapidly shifting international market dynamics. The ability to anticipate such transformations, and to adjust to them, can often determine the success or failure of even the most elaborately designed corporate strategy.

Ten years ago, few would have anticipated that food shortages would be the topic of the day a decade later. Agriculture was not considered then a prime sector for investment, as the conventional wisdom had it that there was sufficient water and arable land in the world that could be exploited to feed its burgeoning population.

Kingdom Holding Company had a different view, for the demographics were convincingly telling. So in 1998, it acquired, through its newly formed subsidiary KADCO, 42000 seemingly arid hectares in Toshka, in the southern part of Egypt, with the aim of converting them into a major food resource through the judicious use of available water and the application of the advanced techniques of agricultural science. This project is being developed in a sustainable, eco-friendly and socially responsible manner so that it can help satisfy the food requirements of Egypt and other countries in the region. God willing, we hope to reach that goal soon.

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