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Company Profile - Company Background
Kingdom Agricultural Development Company (“KADCO”) has been established as an Egyptian company fully owned by Kingdom Holding Company (“KHC”), whose major shareholder is HRH Prince Al Waleed Bin Tallal Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, and listed at the Tadawul (the Saudi Stock Exchange). KHC established KADCO, in 1997, to undertake the development of 100,000 acres for reclamation and cultivation, in the Toshka South Valley Project.

The South Valley Project is a large-scale irrigation project being developed by the Government of Egypt (“GOE”), it is located North of Abu Simbel and South of Aswan and involves the irrigation and development of 540,000 Acres of desert land using water from the Nile River. The water has arrived in April 2003.

KADCO developed a research farm using underground water where trials were conducted including table grapes, mangoes, dates, row crops such as melons and green beans and different varieties of field crop such as barley and alfalfa. First production of grapes started in 2002, showing a production window starting end of April. Most of the crops have shown encouraging results concerning quality, timing, and yields.

KADCO decided to phase its development schedule for the project. Phase I consists of the development of 20,000 acres to be developed over the coming 3 -4 years. KADCO started with table grapes production and row crops such as melons, onions and green beans. A major area would be dedicated to alfalfa production with a rotational plan including potatoes, corn and other field crops.

In parallel, KADCO is studying the development of the rest of its land. The planning includes the incorporation of agro-industry development such as dairy project, tomato for paste, onions for dehydration or puree, sugar…

KADCO’s main objective is to produce high quality products for both export and domestic markets.

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